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Symbiosis Studios is a software company concentrating in web technologies for the purposes of marketing and e-commerce.

Our expertise includes the full stack of web technologies:

  • CSS, Twitter Bootstrap
  • JavaScript, jQuery, Widgets
  • React, Angular, Ember, Phaser
  • PHP, MySQL
  • ASP.NET, C#.NET, MS-SQL, Visual Studio

Latest Activity

2016.01.10 - Back for Background

Full-page video backgrounds seem all the rage for websites now, so we decided to jump in. At first we used a jQuery plug-in called BigVideo, but an HTML5/CSS solution seemed more lightweight.

2013.07.30 - Delving Deeper

Added the first four levels of Dungeon Master, custom doors, champion portraits, stairway renders.

2013.07.25 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Spotted some optimizations using rotational algorithms in Joe's javascript Dungeon Master code. Not sure if spending time recreating a classic is time well spent. A little obsession is a good thing, right?

2013.07.23 - Dungeon Diversion

Googled "dungeon master javascript" and found Joe's Blog with a working Dungeon Master interface in pre-HTML5 javascript. Spent the better part of today putting in two maps, redoing all the textures in a lighter gray, customizing the font, and trying to customize the event system to handle level changes.

2013.07.22 - Platformer Mashup

Had more fun with Quintus by making a mashup tribute to IMHO the best platformers of all time: Donkey Kong and Braid. No enemies yet and a few movement bugs remain.

2013.07.12 - Expansion Pack

Added one more avatar sprite and ten more wolf sprites, making it 7 + 13 = 20 sprites. Added eleven more cards. Made a javascript tool to magnify and animate the frames of a sprite sheet. Helped the designer rebuild the map. Surpassed 700 files on this site today!

2013.07.09 - Taking Shape

Joined the Google+ Community for Quintus discussion and already got help two times. Returned the favor by sharing solutions on two other questions. Added speech bubbles and name tags to the avatar sprites. Imported the first three wolf sprites in the world and animated them. Imported a template and an array of 15 monster fighting cards. Revised the map editor for a 58x58 initial map. Added a backup button. Need to move on to events and overlays for fighting and shopping. Probably need to rebuild the server-to-client message to return a more versatile JSON object. Rebuilt the pasting tool for chess tournament preregistration table visible through Google gadget.

2013.07.04 - Morphing Into DragonWolves

Collaborated with a game designer to produce the rudiments of a MORPG. Put together a tile map editing system using jQuery. Added a chat-server system for text chatting and server synchronization. Started with Crafty but settled on Quintus for the HTML5 engine, mainly for the facility of its scrolling viewport. Imported nearly 300 tiles and 6 animated avatars. Quintus is well designed with decent documentation and examples, but the API documentation could be a tad better (jQuery is the standard for great API docs). Planning a Donkey Kong or Braid or Donkey Braid tribute.

2013.06.04 - Have Some Pie

Recalled an old Mortgage Calculator program written long ago in C#, now revived in PHP with some pretty pie graphs from the Flot graphing project. Also added more functionality to the Connect Four game including some database lookups, but still no AI. Started a Plants vs Zombies tribute page.

2013.06.01 - Patching up Game Faces

Lots of things broke porting the strategy games to a centered div and the updated jQuery 1.9.1, particularly animation using absolute positioning. Draggable snap presented an alternative. The old custom popup also broke so I went with jQuery UI dialogs. Interfaces are about 60% done. AIs are all disabled now.

2013.05.23 - To Do Done for Now

Added task list for tracking progress on various projects. Not quite happy with delete and oblivion for tasks completed. Thinking of keeping finished tasks around as crossed out triumphs.

2013.05.21 - In-Depth Projects

Been busy trying to revive an old game project done in C# called Stratosphere which would eventually allow playing against AIs in various strategy games. Also dabbled a bit in aggregating another job board, cloning the StarCraft II Achievements list, and starting an interactive Task List.

2013.04.19 - Chess Club Roster

Added a table that presents the chess club roster as scraped from the club site with updated ratings as scraped from the US Chess Federation's rating server.

2013.04.15 - Third Service

Added an RSS aggregator for Craigslist IT jobs in Reno. It is listed in a plug-in that automatically sorts by descending date of post. Pending feature could be to mesh CareerBuilder postings. Turned off drop-down menu transparency because of multi-layer clashes.

2013.04.05 - Added Blink Animation.

Added more life to the header in the form of a blinking animated gif. I hope it doesn't get annoying.

2013.03.24 - New Style and A Second Service

Noticed that the sun reflections in our background clashed badly with the white writing, so we expanded the leafy background and put a smoke-colored overlay behind the writing. Added another web client, this time consuming financial information from a little-known Google finance API serving stock quotes.

2013.03.16 - Form follows function

Changed the weather format to a single table. Changed the home page to a layout using divs instead of tables. Warning: CSS cleanup ahead.

2013.03.12 - Polishing

Added game-win conditions and animations to both Dragon Card and Tail Spin and customized a weather web service client found at CodeProject that consumes web services from to show weather data in Reno.

2013.03.11 - Whither Weather?

The web is constantly changing and the sites that have the most updates seem most attractive. What changes more consistently than the weather? We're working on a weather widget to show website visitors the current weather in our area.

2013.03.03 - Website Live

We are live on the web! Thanks to for the free webspace.

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